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Young Entrepreneur of the Year | Jayden Soroka
1st Dec 2015Posted in: Blog, Studio Feature 0

Jayden Soroka of Pixelbox Studio has won young entrepreneur of the year. It has been a long road building this company from the ground up. We have no regrets, just a lot of great memories. We would like to thank all of our friends, colleagues and the clients who love to work with us. We […]

The New Creative Lab

What is the creative lab? Creative lab is meant to be a play space for creative professionals. It’s a shared office space with permanent and temporary space for graphic designers, communications and marketing professionals, video producers, cinematographers, photographers, sound producers and others. The idea is to create a positive, collaborative space where we can share […]

DOC Now Festival Opener

We love doing film festival openers and this year we were asked by Doc Now in Toronto to make their festival opener. We only had about a day to do it so this is what we came up with. Hope you enjoy – its short and sweet. .

ALFF 2015 Festival Opener

For the 4th year in a row we had the pleasure to work with the Available Light Film Festival and build their festival opener. We started early this year with the concept and brought in an up and coming Director, Neil Macdonald, to help us out. I got to say we are proud of this […]

SPYA Workshop
6th Jun 2015Posted in: Blog, Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Pixelbox Studio was asked to help out on a workshop for Screen Production Yukon called Creating Style. We help the participants come up with a concept, shoot it, edit it – all within 48 hrs. I have to say what people come up with was great and I thought we would share those projects with […]

Yukon Research Centre  Promotional Series
6th Jun 2015Posted in: Blog, Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Pixelbox had the rare opportunity to collaborate with Yukon Research centre on a series of videos showcasing the potential and realities of northern research partnerships. The shoot took us deep into the llewellyn glacier and into some of the most advanced labs in the north to reveal the opportunities that exist north of 60. Here […]

Pixelbox Studio VFX Reel
29th Jul 2014Posted in: Blog, Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Here is a quick teaser of a few VFX projects we had the pleasure working on in the last while. Check out the video .

Available Light Film Festival 2014
29th Jul 2014Posted in: Blog, Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

ALFF asked us again to come back and do the festival opener. This year we wanted to take it further then we ever have in the past. We ended up shooting visual plates on the Red Epic and compositing and motion tracking the media. We were, as was ALFF, very happy with the final result. […]

Hacking Health Promo
29th Jul 2014Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

We had the rare opportunity to work with Hacking Health when they came up north. Along Check out the video .

Cribs on Wheels Opener
29th Jul 2014Posted in: Blog, Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

A while back we were approached to help complete three Reality TV Series teasers and openers. Here is one of my favorites from those three. Check out the video .