Most recent work
We love doing film festival openers and this year we were asked by Doc Now in Toronto to make their festival opener. We only had about a day to do it so this is what we came up with. Hope you enjoy – its short and sweet. .
Other works
For the 4th year in a row we had the pleasure to work with the Available Li
Pixelbox Studio was asked to help out on a workshop for Screen Production Y
Pixelbox had the rare opportunity to collaborate with Yukon Research centre
Here is a quick teaser of a few VFX projects we had the pleasure working on
ALFF asked us again to come back and do the festival opener. This year we w
We had the rare opportunity to work with Hacking Health when they came up n
A while back we were approached to help complete three Reality TV Series te
Here is a little intro video we did for the Saskatchewan Masonry Awards. Ch
Once again we had the opportunity to create the Available Light Film Festiv
The balloon launch Project happened out of the blue. We were working on ano
All right, so I have to say this spot was a bit ambitious. We shot it on th
Recently we had the opportunity to work on a great little short about zombi
Over the last year we have had the chance to create some great logos and in
The shoot was over 2 days, we brought in a dolly and a Jib arm to get some
It is always a guarantee when we do a project with the Regina Folk Festival
Here is one we did a few years back. The production was a lot more intensiv
The idea or concept for this web spot came from the minds of the guys over
The SOS Crowns web spot we created was done in 2010 through Squareflo New M
This little commercial was done back in 2009 with the company 306 Productio
What can I say about this project. From the start it was just amazing. Befo
This TV spot had 2 interesting locations. One was my old house and two was
Atomic Prairie was a controversial documentary about the possibility of Can
Here is a little experiment I did with my brother in law, Mark, back in the
This commercial was the first TV spot I ever did with the company 306 Produ
This promotional video was done back in 2008 for a conference that Mannatec