Pixelbox Studio specializes in creating influential, captivating and creative visual content.

The studio harnesses today’s most powerful marketing tools and excels in a competitive market at home and abroad. Our studio approaches every project with integrity, concern and the willingness to do whatever it takes to have our clients thrilled with the final product.

This year has been the most significant and busiest year on record for Jayden. Pixelbox Studio had the opportunity to put over 70 crew and cast to work, all of whom were from the Yukon.

We are well versed in all forms of media and can accommodate any size of production. Our studio excels in post-production offering broadcast standard finishing, colour timing, motion graphics and visual effects.


Jayden Soroka is a leader in the North, producing visual content for all kinds of visual platforms from the big screen to an iPhone. Since the conception of Pixelbox Studio in 2009, Jayden has produced 18 national television commercials, dozens of online projects and a little of everything in between. He has been immersed in video production and branding for over 15 years. His directorial work has been seen on APTN, Knowledge Network, TVO and CBC.