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27th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

So after the holidays we got back to work on the project and finished up the last section. The section where we reconstructed the zombies face adding veins and replacing the eyes and other fun stuff. All and all it was a pretty easy edit and we had fun doing it. Check out our portfolio […]

Library Voices Drinking Games
20th Jan 2011Posted in: Behind the Scenes 0

We shot a lot on Hamilton street in front of a building called the Hamilton. We also shot at the exchange which is where most of the band works when they are not touring. And we shot at a few other places in Regina, but we tried to make it feel as if it was […]

Pixelbox Studio upgrades its gear!
20th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

Pixelbox Studio just opened up a new office in Whitehorse, Yukon. Why Whitehorse? Well it is a great city and the Yukon is stepping up its game in the film world, both in funding and in qualified professionals. So we thought we would bring a little visual effects up to the north and see what […]

Fragments Visual Effects
19th Jan 2011Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Recently we had the opportunity to work on a great little short about zombies that have started to take over northern Canada. The final short is being used to pitch the project as a feature film up here in the Yukon. The directors, David Hamelin and Neil Macdonald, really have a great eye and sense […]

Logos and Intros
18th Jan 2011Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Over the last year we have had the chance to create some great logos and intros for a lot of our clients. So here is a compilation of most of them. All of the effects and animation was done within After Effects using anything from optical flares to particular. Enjoy!

The Pixelbox Image
18th Jan 2011Posted in: Blog 0

The Pixelbox Studio logo has been under development for a bit, but is finally here and I just wanted to throw out a big thank you to Brittney Fawcett. She designed the Logo and other marketing needs that the company has had. So thanks so much! Here is a little animation we did using Blender. […]

Drinking Games Music video
14th Jan 2011Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

The shoot was over 2 days, we brought in a dolly and a Jib arm to get some of the more complex shots accomplished. We also had a lot of post and visual FX work that needed to be done, so the project was in production for a little while. If you want to get […]

Regina Folk Festival Commercial 2010
3rd Jan 2011Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

It is always a guarantee when we do a project with the Regina Folk Festival it is going to be fun. Plus usually the projects turn out pretty good too. Here is an alternate version we did for them as well. Alternate version two

The 2008 Regina Folk Festival Commercial
3rd Jan 2011Posted in: Portfolio, Studio Feature 0

Here is one we did a few years back. The production was a lot more intensive and it took a lot of work to complete. But it was a fun one to work on. . This is a different version we also did for the Festival