Working with the Library Voices on new video
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Working with the Library Voices on new video
On the verge of something great

We have recently been talking to the Library Voices about the next video. It sounds like we will be using the either “party like it’s 2012” or “insider trading.” Its gonna be Hitchcock meets Clue meets Michael Jackson’s thriller. Its a period piece taking place in the mid 1970’s. The theme is quite quirky and comical, in a lot of ways showing off the bands charismatic nature.

The video itself is the band’s own take on what the movie clue would have been in the 1970’s if they made it. Should be a lot of fun, just waiting to hear about funding.

If you don’t know the band

Library Voices are an eight piece pop outfit from Regina, Saskatchewan. Over the past eighteen months they’ve logged 41,000 kilometres on the Trans Canada, collectively lived in 26 different apartments, been mugged twice, had $10,000 worth of gear stolen, and severed several long term meaningful relationships all in the name of rock’n’roll.  They’ve performed in Victoria and Charlottetown, and all points in between including stops at Virgin Fest, Hillside Festival, Ottawa Blues, and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. They’ve shared stages with k-os, Hawksley Workman, and Stars.

Denim on Denim was (painstakingly) recorded in Regina in the back of a local dance studio. Staying true to their objective of documenting spacious and concise pop songs meant omitting dozens of ideas and tracks from the final mixes. Yet, the record is still teeming with instrumentation – guitars and keys, horns and synths, and (of course) the occasional feedback loop.

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