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Development to Production
13th Apr 2010Posted in: The Pixelbox Experience 0
Development to Production
Whether you have a great idea or need one... this is where it all starts.

Pixelbox Studio is a one-stop shop taking you from development to delivery quickly and without sacrifice of quality.  This allows us to drastically reduce the distance between the concept and the consumer.  The Pixelbox crew has been working on film, TV and web projects for years. This includes everything assistant directing on high profile Hollywood films like Just Friends (starring Ryan Reynolds) to locally made music videos for indie bands like the Library Voices.


Development is an umbrella term that covers everything from script writing to scheduling, and Pixelbox Studio will be there, ensuring that your project is properly budgeted and built on strong foundations.  In the excitement of the creative process planning often gets overlooked, but not at our studio..


Then the fun begins.  Whether you want to shoot HD, 4K or even film, Pixelbox Studio is ready for whatever you can throw at it.  No idea is too big or too small for us to make it a reality. From shooting on set with an abundance of lighting gear and grip tools, to shooting gorilla style using available light and small crews, our studio can adapt to whatever circumstances best suit your needs. 

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