The Pixelbox Experience
Post-Production and Delivery

12th Apr 2010Posted in: The Pixelbox Experience 0
Post-Production and Delivery
This is where the magic comes together....

Post-production is where Pixelbox thrives.  We take pride in the effects and animation work we do and it shows in the projects we produce.  

Post Production and Visual FX

We are well versed in editing, the compositing of green-screens and 3D animation. We use state of the art software and equipment and revel in projects that push the boundaries of what we can do. Challenge us…we dare you.

Delivery of your product

This is the final stage of the process, and these days post-production can make or break your product.  Make sure prior to the production and post-production of your project that you know exactly where it will be shown. We will tailor our process to your needs.

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