Regina Pats Commercial 2009
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Regina Pats Commercial 2009
Watch out for flying pucks.

This little commercial was done back in 2009 with the company 306 Productions. Its purpose was to info the spectators at the game about watching for flying pucks. The audience in the commercial were actually fans who were in buying season tickets and got tricked in to sitting down for a few hours and pretending that they were watching some high tension hockey. Lets just say it was not the smoothest of shoots. After about 20 minutes most of them wanted to get going, but we explained continuity to them and they still wanted to go.

The main actor is Shawn Quinney, an old friend of mine. He has had no training or done any previous acting, but I thought he did a pretty good job. This commercial was our first stab using the 3D application Blender. The puck which flies at the camera was quite difficult to made in After Effects so I trained myself in about a day and got it done in Blender.

Hope you enjoy….


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